How To Pack Easy For Visiting Thailand

Thailand is packed with beautiful landscapes, streetscapes and filled with great food and friendly people. Whether you are travelling in the region, or want to pack for a trip from home, one thing to keep in mind is that different countries have their own versions of how to dress and how to act. If you do not want to end up as the idiotic tourists on social media (and you know how fast people upload videos to the internet), it is a good idea to read about the culture of hotels in patong beach Phuket thailand and its norms before setting foot off the plane or ship.

When it comes to shoes

In Thailand you have to get used to taking off your shoes almost whenever you get inside a place. Although they will not make you take off your shoes at hotel in patong resturants, generally it’s a custom to take them off at temples, houses (like in japan), massage parlours and sometimes even cafes. So when you are packing shoes make sure to grab a lot of sandals and flip flops that are easy to just shrug off. Take your hiking boots and strappy sandals if you want to wear them, but keep a handy pair with you to wear when going there and go around places at. If you are going at the beginning or the end of the rainy season easy to take off and rubbery shoes are better to get soaked in as well.

Your own water bottle

Thailand has a system where you can refill bottles with filtered water for a couple of cents from places. So take your own water bottle which you can join with your backpack or just hang to your belt or is generally easy to carry around to refill as you need. This will save the environment and also keep a few bucks saved in your wallet.

Rain jacket, rain fly and dry sacs

Tropical countries have a tendency to develop rain clouds and start pouring on you whenever. So you need to be ready and prepared for the surprise showers when you are setting off from your Patong beach resorts. Take a rain jacket that is easily foldable along with a casing to keep it inside when dry or wet. A rainfly for your bag is recommended as sometimes the showers can get windy as well and dry sacs for your electronic gadgets will save you a lot of money and crying. Bug spray, sunscreen, a daypack for carrying around (that is hard to take off from you) and warm weather clothes are necessary as well. You can always get emergency things from Thailand and you will not be left stranded by the locals either.